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Professional Learnings NSWPPA Educational Leadership

NSW PPA Professional Learning

Professional Learnings for Educational Leaders is an initiative to support and inform NSWPPA members of the NSWPPA Professional Learning suite offerings.

Our Professional Learning Suite is aligned to our values of Principal Well Being, Principals as Lead Learners as well as supporting Principals to lead School Operations.
Our values are wrapped around support, empower, advovate and lead.
This podcast discusses educational leadership and insights from Educational Leaders around the world .
Our courses and Professional learning include the following world class programs that support educational leadership

 | Art of Leadership
 | Art of Leadership MasterClass
 | Middle Leadership Imperative
 | TAO of Teams
 | Difficult Conversations
 | AMP Series
 | The Anxiety Project
 | Tough Conversations
 | CLARITY Learning Suite
 | CLARITY Learning Suite support group
 | CLARITY Learning Suite coaching support
 | The Flourish Movement for School Leaders
 | The Flourish Movement for Schools
 | 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
 | Speed of Trust
 | Multipliers
 | 4 Essential Roles of Leadership 
 | Mitch Wallis REAL Conversations
| Priority Management
| Working Sm@rt with Outlook
| Working Sm@rt with TEAMS
| Working Sm@rt with Xtebook
| Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Bookings 
| Working Sm@rt with Excel
| Working Sm@rt with MS Power BI
| Working Sm@rt with PowerPoint
| Working Sm@rt with MS Word
| Working Sm@rt with Project Planning Breakthroughs
| Working Sm@rt with Fundamentals of MS Projects

The New South Wales Primary Principals’ Association is committed to supporting and empowering principals to effectively lead and manage school communities from a diverse range of contexts. The Association responds to and supports school leaders as they address different challenges in rural, remote and metropolitan schools. Further information about our Professional Learning can be found at:

Liz Wiseman Maximizing Educational Impact: Multiplier Leadership and Empowering School SystemsJuly 18, 2024
Episode artwork
Unlocking Leadership Potential in Schools through Coaching with Rosie Connor July 05, 2024
Episode artwork
Transforming Schools: Addressing Student Anxiety and Empowering Youth with Rob WalkerJune 11, 2024
Episode artwork
Part 3 Rob Stones: Elevating Educational Leadership: Strategies for Team Alignment and Self-Managed LearningApril 22, 2024
Episode artwork
Part 2 with Rob Stones:The Art of Building Connections in School Leadership March 31, 2024
Episode artwork
Part 1 of 3 episodes: Rob Stone's Leading Schools with Passion and Purpose:March 19, 2024
Episode artwork
Shaping the Future of Public Education: Innovations and Insights from the Clarity Learning Suite TeamMarch 07, 2024
Episode artwork
Unlocking Educational Leadership Through Reflective Practice: Insights from Andrew Pryce and Shanti ClementsMarch 01, 2024
Episode artwork
The Essential Qualities of Leadership in Education: A Conversation with Louise GreenNovember 25, 2023
Episode artwork
Transforming Education with Clarity: Fostering a Culture of Excellence with Loreta KocovskaNovember 17, 2023
Episode artwork
Redefining Education: Leadership Sprints and Staff Wellbeing Insights with Steve FrancisOctober 23, 2023
Episode artwork
Steps to Success: An Insightful Discussion with Deborah Hannon September 27, 2023
Episode artwork
Empowering Schools in the Digital Age: A Deep Dive into Cyber Safety with Yasmin London of Ysafe by LinewiseJuly 15, 2023
Episode artwork
Discovering the Power of Clarity Learning Suite for Principals and EducatorsJune 19, 2023
Episode artwork
Creating a High-Trust School Environment with Terry FisherJune 13, 2023
Episode artwork
Revolutionising Education: Reflective Practice and Empowering Leadership with Sue OrlovichJune 11, 2023
Episode artwork
Tough Conversations™ for School Leaders with Michael HawtonJune 01, 2023
Episode artwork
Michael Hawton-The Anxiety Project exclusive for the NSWPPA April 24, 2023
Episode artwork
Measure What We Value with Professor Jim Tognolini – CEMA, Sydney UniversityApril 17, 2023
Episode artwork